Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chirstmas in Acton 2007

So, this year has been full of unfortunate events, which I am sure you are all aware of. Because of everything that has happened we have all had to travel quite a bit and we all came to realize that we didn't have a lot of money to spend on gifts. So, I got a call from Rachel a couple months back and she said that she was talking to Tori and they came up with a great idea. Instead of everyone buying gifts and spending a lot of money, they decided that we could all make games. Originally we were going to do the "couple" thing. Well, that didn't happen with Kioa having to stay home and work and well we all know about Wes. Last night was the first night all of the kids were able to get together. We started with the game Paige thought of. It was called The Name Game. It was really fun, but I came to realize I don't have a great memory. Curtis ended up winning. Next we played Twisted Twister. Tori and Chris made it up. It was SO FUN! They made their own Twister pad. It was big enough for all the Anderson's to play. (That tells you how big it had to be) =) HAHA. Sean and I were the last 2 on the mat. I should have won, but I didn't, but only because my foot moved and it was not on a dot. I would like a rematch. =) After that we played the game Curtis and Tristan made. It was fun and we all realized we don't know as much about each other as we thought we did. The winners of that were Paige and my mom. Well done ladies! The last game we played was Andrew and Rachel's version of Truth or Dare. I won't get into details but let's just say we had to drink some pretty NASTY things and there was a lot of dancing involved. I WON! I deserved it though. I had to drink 3 horrible tasting things and I had to dance. I must say that was one of the best Christmas' we have had. I absolutely LOVE being with my family. It is the best feeling. When I am with them, I don't have a care in the world and I feel so comfortable and at ease.