Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Before we went to Cali we were able to spend time with Chris who is visiting Utah and we were also able to spend time with Mike's fam, which is always a great time! I am sad though, I am such a loser and did not take pictures at Dad and Sonya's house...I have been so bad about taking pictures lately...I will try to do better.

We left for Acton on Tuesday morning, Kenny was nice enough to take us to the airport AND pick us up! I love that man! Anyway, here are just a few pics from Cali, the rest are going to be on FB. It takes WAY too long to upload them on here...

OH YEAH!!! While we were in California we had SO much fun and between the 2 of us we gained about 15 pounds...SICK AND WRONG!!!! Besides stuffing our faces, we played basketball, kickball, capture the flag, had a cooking competition, played lots of other games, had Christmas and made WONDERFUL memories with the family.

The dark side and packing...

Next thing to blog about...So, I always complained about my roots when I was blonde...Mike suggested I go we went to the market (sorry Mandi) to buy some dye and he colored my hair for me...I LOVED IT! It eventually started fading, so we did it again, this time we picked out a darker color...and I LOVED IT EVEN MORE!! And better yet, so did Mike. Here are some pics of the new hair color and a few of us having fun while we packed for California. We hardly take pictures anymore, so we decided to have some fun....well we thought it was fun anyway...;)

Christmas at the Dexter's

I have a lot to blog about, so I will start with our fun Christmas in Springville. Mike was on call Christmas day and I was scheduled to work Christmas night, but I got called off. So, needless to say, we were able to spend our first Christmas together, just the 2 of us. We were bummed we could not be with our families, but it was SO nice spending time are the pics of Christmas at the Dexter's: