Monday, February 04, 2008

So, I finished going through the boxes at my apartment, and I actually felt like cleaning! So that is exactly what I did. Rachel asked me to post pics when I had a chance so I did that too! So, ya'll better comment! =) Love you all.

Pic 1 is one of the walls in the living room. My dad painted the signs and my mom put up the pics! Thanks guys I love you! =)

Pic2 is my bedroom. It is so clean and open! Thanks again mom and dad. The 3 of us actually made the headboard. What do you think?

Pic 3 is the pic that Ivan painted. I absoulutely love it. He made me buy it though...5 bucks well spent! Thanks Ivan I love and miss you buddy.

Pic 4 is a shot of the living room. Lots of pics and things to look at.

Pic 5 is also the living room. As you can see I was watching Love and Basketball. One of my favorites. =)


Mrs. Anderson said...

SO SO SO COZY! I love it Shay - it looks like it feels like home. It's weird, these pictures bring a sense of our Malibu apt. to me - maybe it's the slip covers I don't know, but I feel comfortable. I am so happy for you and so glad your parents were able to go out there and help you so much. Nice work everyone!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Looks very nice. I'm glad mom and dad were able to help you, I wish I could have. Watch out for those red things with the snail.

The Watson's said...

Cute place! I always need decorating tips, now I know who to ask.

Shay said...

Rach...what in the world are you talking about? What snail? and what red things??? I am so confused!

Brit...thanks for the comment. I am so happy for you and your hubby. Are you guys out here? If you are we should get together sometime.

Mrs. Anderson said...

Duh Shay - do you really think the red thing snail comment is me??? Think text messages.

Shay said...

GOT IT! I just did not expect him to blog. HAHA...I love him...=) I am off to work, but have a great day. Love you all!

Marissa Jo said...

Shay your apartment is adorable. You 3 did a great job.