Sunday, November 09, 2008


I miss the days when my family would go to my Grandma Sue's house and she would have dinner for us and then we would go trick or treating and then come home and trade our candy with one another. My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up. This year at the urgent care I decided to dress up like Steve, he is one of the P.A's. When he first saw me, he thought I was dressed up as a nerd...I told him I was suppose to be him and he laughed. I am glad he has a good sense of humor. We had a great day. My office manager, who is the best office manager EVER!!! dressed up as me!!! It was so cute...This was not actually on Halloween, it was the day before. Steve only works on Thursdays so I had to dress up a day early.
On Friday, I worked at the urgent care again and I didn't dress up. I wore my AWESOME Laker scrubs. Dr. Hooker (one of the owners) came in to say hello. He surprised all of us with his sweet hair do. He was not a fan of my scrubs though.


Mrs. Anderson said...

I am SO glad he has a good sense of humor :)

The Watson's said...

What a fun doctor, hate the scrubs, but I am glad you have fun at work. :)

Paige Anderson said...

Can I sign in?

Mandi Snider said...

I LOVE THE SCRUBS!!!! Can I get a pair and a dodgers pair!!! No really where can I get those? LOVE THEM!!! And they look great on you!!!