Friday, July 16, 2010


So a couple weeks ago, Mike, Dad, Chris, Ivan, Heather and I went backpacking. It was such an incredible experience, quite different than what we were expecting, but still so fun!
Let me just tell you a little bit about my experience:

We get there and started the hike...we thought it would be about 4 hours or so and that we would get to where we were camping at about 5 or so. Well, that didn't happen to say the least. HAHAH...there were a few things that set us back a few hours. We got poured on a couple times, I twisted my ankle, pulled my groin and my thigh (all on the right side), we got lost, kinda and when we finally saw the ridge to the lake we decided to stay at we walked over to the edge of it and realized it was a lot steeper than we thought. So, after hiking down the mountain with boulders, dead trees to climb over, mud, small rocks and mosquitos attacking us, we finally made it to the lake right before it got dark. It was quite the excruciating task, but we all made it. The site of the lake was absolutely breathtaking and WELL worth all the pain. I am so lucky I was able to see the things I saw and experience all of it with people I love. The second day was SO fun. We hiked about a mile to another lake. There we went fishing. We were all very successful with catching our dinner for that night. We did get caught in a hail storm while we were fishing, but Mike and Dad made us all a very nice shelter and the storm only lasted about 5-10 minutes. It was actually pretty fun! Here are a few pictures from our trip...hope you enjoy! I know I did.


Mrs. Anderson said...

I love the picture of you and your dad. And that one of a bunch of sacks of potatoes - or hikers if you will, was awesome. Also, the one where you used the timer - fantastic... we will work on your positioning of the camera :) Way to go prego - very impressive. Again, good timing with the time of the trip and your pregnancy; well done :)