Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good Morning!

Today I woke up feeling great! Thanks to my wonderful parents my apartment is looking SO cute! I am sad they are leaving in 2 days, but I will see them again soon. I haven't posted any pics of my apartment or the view or anything yet, so I decided today would be a great day to do it. The weather has been horrible. Today is sunny...FREEZING, but atleast the sun is out. Well, here is the view from my apartment.! Soon, I'll take pics of the inside, but it is not quite done yet. Love you all!


Marissa Jo said...

I'm glad your having a good day today. Your parents are with you? That's awesome. Your family is great. You guys are always there for each other no matter what. I'm jealous..LOL. Anyway just thought I'd comment. Love ya

Mrs. Anderson said...

Sitting here in California with my feet under my comforter, this view is incredible - gorgeous!!!! I love it. Your place has to be getting so cute - I can't wait. I just wish I was there to join in the fun... it's like a dream vacation :)