Monday, January 21, 2008

Out of Sight Out of Mind

Well, I am officially living on my own. For the passed 2-3 weeks Kioa has been living with me, but he would leave for days at a time and would never know where he was or when he was coming home. When he was not at the house with me, it was hard the first night, but then I was ok. As soon as I started enjoying being by myself and was ok with it, he would come home. I was not going to live like this for 3 months. So, this weekend we packed up all his stuff and now he is living with one of his cousins in Salt Lake. Last night was the first night he was "officially" moved out. It was hard, a lot of tears and sadness, but I was able to get SOME sleep, and today I feel ok. It seems like whenever I am with him, I cry and it is hard, but when he is "out of sight" I am ok and can deal with it. Any words of wisdom for me? Anything that will make this easier? I know it will get easier with time and I know I made the right choice, but it is just hard. Well, I better get back to work, but I am looking forward to my future!

Love you all, and have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Anderson said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH I am so excited for you - you can really move on now!! I am so glad!! Get out there, meet new people, HAVE FUN!!! Do things!!!

Shay said...

I am starting to get excited! I can't wait to meet new friends and to HAVE FUN! Thanks for always commenting on my posts. Love you! =)

Marissa Jo said...

Shay I'm sorry to hear about what is going on.. but I'm so proud of you! You get to start over and be happy with your life again! Yay for you! I'm sure it'll be hard for you in the beginning but I'm sure throughout time it'll get easier! When Ryan and I broke up the hardest thing was going to sleep because your so use to that person being at your side! I never did get use to it.. I liked to sleep on the couch..LOL. That way there was only enough space for me. Does that make sense?

The Watson's said...

SHAY! I hope you don't mind that I have found your blog from Rachel. I am going to add you to my friend list if that's ok. I just got back from seeing my sister in San Diego and it makes me miss Cali. Do you think you'll ever go back?